Saturday 29 August 2009

Dal Makhani

This month's Tried and Tasted is hosted by the very talented Yasmeen of Health Nut.And she led to a wonderful blog called A Life(Time) of cooking. Ganga has so many yummy and unique recipes. I spent hours and days browsing through them and was not able to decide what to cook for the event,because each one of her recipes looked so Yummy to me. Then, I came across this recipe for Dal Makhani ,which she says she learned it from a chef at Oberoi Hotel in Bangalore.
I had heard so much of this dish, but had never tried to cook it. So, I got hooked to this yummy recipe. And I tried to stay as true as possible to this recipe . And it turned out so Yummy and delicious. We all enjoyed it very much. Thanks Ganga for this tasty recipe and Thanks Yasmeen for leading us to this lovely blog.You can find the original recipe here.

150 grams of whole urad dal (black lentils),
50 grams chana dal (gram lentils),
50 grams rajma (red kidney beans),
2 green chillies,
5-6 cloves of garlic,
10-15 grams of peeled ginger,
2-3 tbsp of oil/ ghee,
1 tsp of cumin seeds,
a pinch of asafoetida powder,
a pinch of fenugreek seeds,
100 grams of tomato paste or puree,
30 ml cream, 1/2 tsp chilli powder and
1/4 tsp garam masala.

Soak all the 3 lentils in water for 6 hours or overnight. Wash four times, changing the water each time. In a pressure cooker boil all the lentils with ginger,2-3 cloves of garlic, 2 green chilliea and some salt. And cook until all the lentils are well cooked. Now drain the excess water and mash the lentils with back of a ladle or with a wooden masher. Heat the oil /ghee in heavy bottomed pan and add the cumin seeds and fenugreek seed and and let them crackle. Add the garlic and fry till it becomes light brown. Now add the asafoetida powder and the tomato puree to this and fry for few minutes. Add to the cooked dal(lentils), mixing well. Bring the dal to the boil again, adding the chilli powder, butter and cream. And cook on a low flame for 30 minutes. Finish off by adding the garam masala. Serve Hot with chapathi or rice. Serves 4-6 people.

I am also sending this recipe to Susan's My Legumes Love affair (MLLA) 14.


Sailaja Damodaran said...

very nice.....inviting

Sarah Naveen said...

Dal Makhani looks fabulous...sure gonna try it!!!

Faiza Ali said...

Thanks Sailaja and Sarah.

Yasmeen said...

Thank you for pariticipating Faiza.Love the creamy swirls,dal looks delish :D

Lebouffe said...

Wow! mouth watering.. added to my to cook list! -Naina

Katy ~ said...

Beautifully presented.

Sidenote: I just bought lentils as I have never eaten them. After following your blog, I am inspired to try them. I am slowly working up to spices, grins.

mona said...

Faiza, dal makhani looks very good. I would love to have it along with warm Naan.

Sanghi said...

Nice decoration dear.. yummy!

Susan said...

Looks all warm and spicy! Nice treat with three different dried legumes, too.

Thanks, Faiza, for your comforting MLLA recipe!

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello darling,
I am back and have missed you terribly!! I have a post on my blog that explains my lengthy absence but enough of that, I just wanted to stop by personally to thank you for the sweet birthday wish you left Cristina and to let you know that your kindness meant the world to us both. I am now off to read the posts that I have missed and to look around your gorgeous blog.
Love & Hugs
Duchess ♥♥♥


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