Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Tabbouleh/ Parsley and cracked wheat salad


4 cups finely chopped parsley,
1/3 cup finely chopped fresh mint,
4 firm tomatoes- De-seeded and chopped,
4 tbsp fine burghul/bulgur,
1 small onion-finely chopped,
1/2 cup lemon juice,
1/2 cup olive oil,
1/4 tsp black pepper powder,
1 tsp salt and
Romaine lettuce for garnishing.

In a small bowl, mix the chopped onion with salt and black pepper powder and keep aside.Rinse the the burgul and drain in a fine strainer to remove excess water and transfer into a large bowl.
Add the finely chopped parsley and finely chopped mint leaves to the bowl, add tomatoes, lemon juice, seasoned onions and olive oil. Season again to taste if necessery.
Place some lettuce leaves on a serving dish/ plate and transfer the salad to this serving dish.
Serve with barbecued meat/chicken or serve on its own :)

Source: From the book 'Middle eastern cookbook' by Maria Khalife

And Hurry!!! Another award from sweet Priyaraj of EnSamiyal and Babli of Khana Masala . They have given me this Scrumptious blog award. Thanks Priya and Babli.

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Vrinda said...

Congrats on ur award,keep rocking.Thats a healthy colorful salad....

Yasmeen said...

You sure are rocking with all the awards gal,keep going :).thanks for nominating me:)
The tabbouleh with all the greens is my favorite kind of salad :)

Chow and Chatter said...

lovely salad and great presentation and congrats on another award

Sanghi said...

Salad looks yum lata.. congrats on the award!

Simran said...

Thanks a lot for passing this award to me.

Sailaja Damodaran said...

Just yesterday thought of making this....nice

Ann said...

Colorful dish there...
Congrats on your award Faisa..

Parita said...

Oh my you are so creative, that salad looks delicious and so heathy! Congratulations on your award and thanks a ton for sharing it with me :)

priya said...

Thk u so much faiza,, so sweet of u!

Priya said...

Such a delicious dish Faiza!!looks colourful...congrats on ur award dear!

rekhas kitchen said...

love this salad looks very refreshing an dcongrats on your awards dear.

Gita said...

Wow...thats a delicious and healthy salad...must make a filling a lunch. Congrats on your award dear :)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Healthy and yummy salad.....congrats on the well deserving awards.....

Lebouffe said...

Really healthy one!! Congrats on the awards..

Illatharasi said...

Hi Faiza, thanks for visiting my blog. You too have a good blog with unique recipes:)

Smitha said...

That sounds good. I likethat u try out a lot of dishes.congrats on the awards

sangeeta said...

congrats for the award ...
this salad is my favorite n i can have it for any meal of the day....with different seasonings for a change...he he.

Babli said...

Congratulations for your award. The salad looks yummy and delicious too. I will try it definitely.

Babli said...

Please accept award from my blog.

Arabic Bites said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog .
Tabbouleh looks yummy,& congrats on the awards.


Priti said...

So new for me....delicious and congrats on ur award

Kitchen Flavours said...

Ramadan Karim to you and your family.....

Joy From Fasting To Feasting is back. Take time to participate....Check my blog for details. Do drop a mail if u have any doubt(s).

Shaista Tabrez said...

looks is my fav, everytime I go to a middle eastern restaurant this is a must have...heheh

Katy ~ said...

I think the combination of ingredients sounds so fresh and fabulous. I can imagine the wonderful flavor of the mint! This sounds very very good. When I next go to the health food store I shall look for bulgar (as it is not sold in our "regular" grocery mart). What kind of mint do you use? Spearmint, peppermint? Or is there another?

Faiza Ali said...

Katy, I use peppermint. But, any mint can be used in this salad. As for Bulgar ,you can easily find it in Indian store/ Pakistani store/ Arab store.

priya said...

Hi yaar,

I ve a tag for u in my blog,..plz collect it.


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