Sunday 11 April 2010

Goan Lamb Vindaloo

Hi Friends,
I am Back :) We had a wonderful time in Sunny India. It was really a memorable trip.... visited many people, ate lots of yummy food( specially which I don't get to eat here) attended so many parties and also went sightseeing :D
And the one who enjoyed the most was my little Ammar. He would get so excited and happy seeing the things he never got to see auto rickshaw, dogs on the streets, Indian train, two wheelers and not to forget the lizards and cockroaches ;-) and yeah , he has also learned to sell things like the roadside vendors (YES !! He shouts exactly like them :D) And he learned little bit of Urdu and a very lil of Malayalam too. But all in all he had a very good time with his grandparents and his cousin brothers.
And me ? I enjoyed cooking for my family and relatives. Everyone wanted me(the food blogger) to cook something special for them from my blog and I was more than happy to cook for my dear and near ones....But finding the ingredients in India can take days ;-) So, all I could cook was Achari gosht, Trifle, Pizza, Gobi Manchurian, Haleem and also Lamb Vindaloo (which I am posting now)
Okay Okay...I know everyone is bored now without much ado,lets move on to today's recipe- The fiery spicy Lamb Vindaloo from Goa :) My Family loved the taste of this has an unique and delicious taste which everyone will fall in love with. So, here goes the recipe for lamb Vindaloo...


500 grams of lamb,
1/2 tsp of salt,
1/4 tsp of meat tenderizer or
papaya paste,
4-5 dry red chilles,
3-4 pieces of cloves,
2 cardamom pods,
1 small cinnamon stick,1/2 tsp of cumin seeds,1/2 tsp of mustard seeds,
1/2 tsp of black peppercorns,
1/2 tsp of sugar,
6-7 cloves of garlic,
a small piece of ginger,
1/2 cup of white vinegar,
1 cup coconut milk,2 tbsp of oil and1 small onion-finely chopped.

Add salt and Meat tenderizer to the meat and mix well and marinate for 1 hour. In a bowl take the red chilles, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, garlic, ginger, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, peppercorns, and sugar and add the vinegar and coconut milk to the dry ingredients and soak for 30- 40 minutes. Now grind the soaked ingredients to a fine paste and add this paste to the marinated lamb and marinate again for 3-4 hours.
Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a non-stick vessel and add the above marinated lamb to it. Saute on medium flame for 5 -10 minutes and add the finely chopped onion to it. Cover and cook on medium heat till the meat becomes tender and oil separates from the pan. Serve hot with roti or naan.

Use meat tenderizer only if the meat is not tender,its optional.
Traditionally feni liquor or wine is used to soak the spices, but those who don't consume either of them(like me) can use coconut milk.
More water can be added to the sauce while cooking to prevent it from burning.


Indian Khana said...

Welcome back dear..curry looks so gud yaar

Faiza Ali said...

WOW !! that was quick Priti :) Thanks for your lovely comments dear.

Sailaja Damodaran said...

Heard about it but never tried..........

Saraswathy Balakrishnan said...

Welcome back and i'm just staring and drooling at ur click my dear..feeling hungry:)

Gita Jaishankar said...

Welcome back dear...nice to know that you had a good time in India :)...vindaloo looks so good...such a yummy dish :)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Welcome back dear. the vindaloo looks simply lip smacking delicious. Would leave nothing if i managed to make as good as you have made.

Hamaree Rasoi

Priya Suresh said...

Welcome back Faiza, glad u had a great time in India, tempting and mouthwatering vindaloo, yumm!

Unknown said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a fabulous time :-)

Suji said...

Hi Faiza..Thank you so much for visiting us...See you often too...

Kairali sisters

Lorraine said...

Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following. I am so happy to see your blog. So many great recipes. I am so excited to see you have a falafel recipe. I have been looking for one! I am following you also.

Katy ~ said...

I am so happy to hear that you had such a lovely trip, visiting friends and family and enjoying the fullness and richness of the days there.

And this vindaloo sounds sooooo very good! Yumm....I would love to have this with some rice, I think.

Rekha shoban said...

really looks yummy and pefect!

Suhaina said...

Wow,you have a very lovely blog with really tempting recipes. Love to follow u..
So u have come back from India. Which place are u from??

Namitha said...

Good to see you back in blogging :-)glad to hear that you had a great time :D Vindaloo looks so tempting, Faiza..
reg your query : vellarikka is cucumber with yellow stripes on its skin..will post a pic soon :-)

Latha said...

Yummy dish.....looks so tempting.

Urmi said...

What a lovely and delicious dish. Wonderful presentation with tempting pictures.

gtyuk said...

glad to see you back Faiza!!! that's truly a delectable vindaloo using goat meat!!!
it's so cute that Ammar imitates the road vendors, hehehehe!
I miss all of it terribly here , the noisy surroundings and the people, hahah

nice post!!

Hayley said...

Glad you enjyed the India trip..welcome back...nice dish for non veg people!!

chow and chatter said...

so pleased you had a good trip not boring us at all, I made a lamb curry yesterday as well, I will have yours though any day


Nammi said...

welcome back, hope you had a good holiday :). lovely curry you have there. By the way hello to your little ammar from my little ammar :)


This is really delicious and love your picture too, thanks for sharing dear..

Valarmathi Sanjeev said...

Welcome back....yummy lamb curry, looks tempting and delicious.

Umm Mymoonah said...

Looks yummy

Soma Pradhan said...

Wow..Goan Lamb Vindaloo seems fabulous

Priya dharshini said...

Happy to c u ,back to blogging...lamb vindaloo is my fav and ur luks perfect..

Anonymous said...

My dear faizaali I would like to correct your recipe mutton vindalu can't be made without garlic and wine the substitute of garlic is not there but substitute of wine is there malt vineger or white vineger
dish like your way it could be yummy but its not authentic one last thing if we add papaya in it.then we will not get that taste of this dish witch it has.the meaning of vindalu
Is vinh+de+alho means wine aur garlic.sweet sour spicy.


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